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State-of-the-art technology combined with manual work and a critical eye, with a lot of expertise and experience. We work carefully and persistently until everything runs smoothly again.

Trust begins with an open dialogue - and grows through long-term relationships.

This means that even small defects are recognized early and do not grow into money-consuming repairs. We explain the results to you in a transparent discussion. You decide what we do and when. As soon as this has been discussed, we will get to work and ensure that you can be back driving as quickly as possible.

Diagnosis and repairs

If your car "tilts", it could be due to the axle setting ...

Potholes, driving over sidewalk edges or even an accident does alter the axle geometry of your car. As a result, your car will no longer drive straight ahead without any action taken. The tires wear off on one side and there is a risk that the car will break out in a curve.

With the modern suspension measurement system from Hunter, we measure the front and rear axles of your car in the shortest possible time. So we know immediately whether the axle geometry has to be readjusted so that you can again enjoy unlimited, safe driving fun.

Axis geometry
Angebot 1

Check incl. report of the axis geometry

only CHF 50.00 *

Angebot 2

Check including adjustment of the axis geometry.

  • Advantages: reduction of fuel consumption
  • No one sided worn tires

only CHF 300.00 *

Benefit now from our air conditioning service offers and make your air conditioning system fit for the warm season. Individually tailored to your needs.

Air conditioning service
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Air conditioning service

  • Function check of the air conditioning system
  • Air conditioning disinfection
  • Check pollen filter, replace if necessary (pollen filter replacement not included)

only CHF 50.00 *
(including cleaning agents)

Angebot 2

Air conditioning service "plus"

  • Air conditioning service included
  • Pressure control in the refrigerant circuit
  • Remove and clean refrigerant, top up if necessary
  • Performance test

only CHF 170.00 *
(including cleaning agents)

Do not change tyres without our offer. You benefit from top prices thanks to good partnerships with major tyre dealers. Our workshop is also equipped with the best technology for changing your tyres.

Our tyre hotel = wellness for your tyres

For CHF 50.00 per season, your tyres are stored and insured in the best hands.


So that you are never stuck on the spot...
In the event of an accident, breakdown or theft, call us. We gladly support you.






Take your appointment now at our dealership. Either you need your car do be serviced, change tyres, a bodywork repair or any other issue, we’re pleased to help you.


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